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Honing and Super Finishing Stones
The company represents M/s Nagel GmbH, Germany for marketing their entire range of honing and super finishing stones, used particularly in the areas of cylinder honing (both for IC engines and hydraulic cylinders), super finishing of shafts in a wide range of industrial applications such as magnetic and non-magnetic tapes and super finishing of the inner and outer races of ball and roller bearings for the bearing industry.

Component Finishing Systems
Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine is designed for high grade finishing of intricate and delicate parts in batch process with very low cycle time.

Toroid Vibro Finishing Machine is especially designed with controllable amplitude and frequency (from which the name 'Toroid' is derived) for mass finishing of a wide range of components.

The above machines are used in the fields where components require deburring, radiusing, polishing, burnishing, prepaint finishing, preplate finishing, etc.

High Grade Surface Finishing Consumables
Gear Lapping Compound is used in the finishing of hypoid and other types of matched gears in Gleason type lapping machines to achieve highest level of noise free meshing between the lapped machines

Steel Ball Lapping Compound  is used for lapping of bearing steel balls to achieve surface finishes in the range of 0.005 microns to 0.009 microns Ra in special purpose lapping machines.

Metal Lapping Compound is used for both manual and mechanical lapping of parts for generating high grade polish.

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